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Importing data to iOS applications

With todays vibrant world of iOS apps, there are usually many choices within the same category. So it’s easy to switch to another one. But how about the most important part of it: your data? Well, some developers offer a way to export or import, but unless you’re dealing with standard formats, it’s likely you have to enter all your data again. This blog post will look into how you can use your programming skills to import the data from one application to another.

Xcode project using CoreData

Recently I’ve come across Justin Williams and Martin Pilkingtons posts describing their solutions about working with Core Data in single-window multiple-view applications.

CoreData, bindings & multiple nibs

Most modern Mac applications are designed around single window / multiple views architecture. Examples are iPhoto, iMovie etc. Although this results in more streamlined user experience, it brings some issues for the developers.

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