Startupizer 2.3.7 released!

Startupizer 2.3.7 is now available. Recommended for all customers.

This update addresses network conditions that were left out from 2.3.6 as well as fixes OS X 10.9 compatibility introduced with 2.3.6.

This also marks the end of Mac App Store version… It was stuck on now couple years old 2.1 and couldn’t be updated anymore due to sandbox restrictions. I left it for convenience; up until 2.3.4, it could be upgraded to latest version from this website automatically. However with changes to registration scheme on 2.3.4 onwards, automatic upgrade was no longer possible. Of course all MAS customers are entitled to their personal authorization code free of charge (if you didn’t get yours yet, please read Startupizer FAQ for details), but it wasn’t the best experience: as Apple doesn’t share any customer detail with developers, there’s no way of proactively reaching out. Instead, I can only wait until I’m being approached. However, the final nail in the coffin were crashes on macOS 10.12 Sierra. I thought of fixing 2.1 in order to make it compatible with later OS versions several times in the past few years. But being single developer, I cannot risk time investment for something I’m not sure it’ll even be accepted by review team. To my understanding bug fix releases are allowed even for otherwise rejected applications (though this might have changed since the last time I checked), but that’s by no means guaranteed.

Note you can still download 2.1 (or any older version for that matter) from release notes - just click the title of the version; it also servers as download link.

So I guess that’s the end of the road for Startupizer MAS version for foreseeable future… Although, being optimistic and positive person, I can’t end this with negative thought, so let me paraphrase the title of an old (and really good IMO) Slovenian movie: farewell until the next war :)

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