Just a quick announcement about me and my work after another quiet period of several months.

While I’m still busy on client work, work on next major revision of appledoc has been slowly progressing. Hopefully it’ll pickup in the following months. I probably won’t be able to do any significant contributions code wise, but will definitely be coordinating the work with fellow developers.

I also quietly changed server from shared host to VPS - in fact, this blog post is being only served from the new server. This is something I was considering for quite some time now but never got to it. I finally decided to call the shots before my yearly share host subscription ends in july. I decided to go with Digital Ocean. As I wasn’t sure how much time transition would take, given I’m fairly unexperienced in server world, I decided to take enough reserve in case something goes wrong. Luckily, all went fine and I had my website running in no time (part of it definitely thanks to being served as static HTML). Then it took me a bit longer to install and setup the rest of the components the way I want them, but thanks to great tutorials, which actually work, I was able to overcome all obstacles.

Finally, I updated GBCli to version 1.1. No big change here, added commands (aka option groups) that provide command lines similar to git (mytool command --option1 --option2), print methods that work with NSStrings, couple of simplified command line parsing methods and refined documentation (which contained a lot of syntax and grammar errors - thanks to late night session in which I composed it). At the moment it’s only available from its GitHub page. I also prepared everything for cocoapods spec update, will submit soon.

There you go, summer is almost here so wish you great holidays and quality time with your friends and close ones!

Oh, in case you’d like to try how VPS would work for you, and you don’t have specific demands, I would warmly recommend trying out Digital Ocean. And if you don’t mind, you can use my referral link here :)

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