Startupizer 2.2 and the future

I neglected the blog for a while… I have a couple of ideas for posts, but other things keep jumping in. In any case, this is not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to start 2013 with 2.2 release of Startupizer which was sent to Mac App Store review team on january 9th. It only took about a week to enter review, however in a day or so I received rejection note. It’s not the first rejection I got, but this one is more serious; if I want to correct it, the core feature of Startupizer - managing login items - will stop working. It’s unfortunate consequence of the app sandbox.

So the only course of action I can take is to provide direct download version and continue selling it from my website. I already had the infrastructure for this in place, so I’ll have to dig out the old code and refactor it into the new product. But it will take some time to make sure it works. Mac App Store version will continue to remain available for now, but it will be “frozen” in 2.1 version. I will find a way to transfer Mac App Store license to new system too, and continue to support the product, so fear not.

Direct download version will bring with it several other possibilites like trial version, faster response updates wise and more personal relationship with customers and vice-versa. Let’s see how it goes. Stay tuned (or follow @gentlebytes on Twitter) to be notified of changes.

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