Startupizer 1.2 released!

Another month flew by and another Startupizer update has been released and is now available in the Mac App Store

One of the features we planned right from the start of coding was indication of execution progress. In our vision, the execution would be a smoothly animated sequence, which would not only be enjoyable to watch, but also useful to gauge how execution is going and when it would end. The feature didn’t make it to initial release, and while it would be much fun working on it, we delayed it a bit more. Instead, we added a Simple indication of execution progress. It proved a nice addition! Don’t worry, we didn’t throw original idea out, in fact, we’ve refined it and it’s patiently waiting on our shelves for one of the future updates - stay tuned!

As per your requests, we’ve added a bunch of other features: 1.2 introduces optional delay before execution. This is useful for all of you who have difficulty getting modifier keys working - it’ll give you up to 10 seconds delay before it’ll start executing. And combined with execution progress display, it’ll also show Countdown before starting execution.

Additionally we’ve added more options to work with delay items, for example manual entry of delay times and double clicking opens item’s inspector. We’ve also improved how items are inserted into the list when created by placing them directly after currently selected one, scrolling to first if not visible. We’ve also been working hard to fix the illusive bug that crashes the application for some of you during executing items, however as we can’t reproduce it on any of our computers, we’re more or less shooting in the dark - any slow release cycle of Mac App Store makes quick testing painfully slow. Nonetheless we (think) we found the culprit and did steps to isolate it as much as possible and we believe the app should be affected much less now. We’ll closely monitor the feedback and if we’re in the right direction, expect a bug fix release soon. We thank all of you who sent us crash reports and feature requests - it’s tremendous help and we’re very grateful! So please, continue so :) - remember, you can do it straight from the application, just go to main menu Help > Send Feedback…

And last, but definitely not least, we’ve added option to prevent executing when launching Startupizer manually - for example when opening to tweak settings.

Hope, you’ll enjoy all new stuff!

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