Appledoc 2.0 examples

In this post, I’ll add links to documentation generated with appledoc 2.0 in time. The post will be updated accordingly.

Here are examples of appledoc 2.0 generated output:

  • 2010/10/22: An example of a class generated with appledoc 2 – link.
  • 2010/11/19: Cleaned up documentation for a single class – link.
  • 2010/11/25: Finally creating index file; this is one of the first complete documentations of appledoc source code – link.
  • 2010/12/17: Merging categories, handling footer and lots of cleanup, almost ready – link.
  • 2010/12/21: Cleaned up HTML, so <code/> sections are now handled better. – link. Take a look at [GBOutputGenerator copyTemplateFilesToOutputPath:], end of the second paragraph of discussion section and compare with previous.
  • 2011/01/17: Released 2.0! The main visible thing is all whitespace is now preserved! – link.
  • 2011/01/31: Thanks to BloodDragon, the documentation now sports Table of Contents and jump to combo box! – link.

We’ll update this post with new examples as we progress with the development.

June 2013 update: Above links are no longer available! I’m keeping the points as they were to preserve change history.

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