New skin, new life...

It’s been more than two months since the last post… But despite the site might have appeared deserted, it was very busy two months. Besides some updates to appledoc, the main focus was on website itself (and the first product, but can’t really talk about it at this point… big secret… some more patience for a little more, stay tuned…).

In the mean time appledoc received more and more attention at it’s github page as well. So it looks like it lives it’s purpose - be a useful utility to fellow programmers.

They say the right things always come when the situation is ready for it. And it’s really been like that - while searching for a web designer, I came accross several articles at the webitect site. I liked the ideas, so I contacted the author and she accepted the job. So in this time I was working with Kayla to have the visual layout of the site finally prepared. It was wonderful experience, and I can only recommend her. She was very fast and responsive to my suggestions and I’m very happy with the result we’ve come up with. It’s realy been amazing to walk through the whole journey from first Photoshop mockups to final page you’re looking at now.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. So now I can finally put more time and effort back to what I really love - programming cool applications and utilities.

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